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Waterjet Cutting Services:

flow-logo.jpgAt Unique Cutting, our specialty is CNC abrasive waterjet cutting. High speed water packed with abrasives funneled at more than 60,000 PSI effectively cuts multiple parts out of virtually any material. Cost effective for hundreds of material types and sizes, waterjet cutting saves you the time and energy finding the quality you need and the value you want.

Abrasive waterjet cutting is an erosion process. High pressure water is pushed through a jewel orifice at three times the speed of sound. Below the jewel, garnet abrasive is added to the stream.

The mixed stream will cut most materials very efficiently and effectively. It will cut without adding stress to the material and will not leave a heat affected zone.

Due to low heat input, parts can be nested very closely for efficient material usage.

Some materials can be stacked for improved speed & efficiency.

Tool steels or tough materials can be cut to size or near net shape if machined surfaces are required. This again means there is no heat affected surface to wear cutting tools plus valuable cnc time and labor hours.




Our machine is a Flow IFB with the dynamic option. It's capacity is 4' x 8' x 6”. General tolerance is within +/-.005”. Closer can be achieved if required.

Freedom of Design

thick-parts-with-holes.jpgDesigners are free to design with shapes and curves. Materials as thick as 6 inches can be easily cut with our equipment. The photo below shows tubing joined but not yet welded.


Materials that can be cut are almost limitless, including aluminum, steels, titanium, stainless steels, inconels, plastics, glass (except tempered), stone, tile, rubber, etc. -All without a Heat Affected Zone or warping.

Industries Served

large-tube-with-holes.jpgOur target business is as wide as the types of materials we can cut. We can service industrial, automotive, motorcycle, art, architectural and so on.


Your drawing file, sketch or image can be turned into a cutting program very quickly. We can do single parts or production quantities efficiently and inexpensively.


Secondary Operations:

While we are primarily a waterjet cutting service, we offer other services as well. We have 30 years experience in industrial maintenance, machine building, machine design, robotic end of arm tool design and build, robotic accessory design and build, race vehicle parts, etc.

We can help reduce machine breakage or make equipment more effective. We can duplicate or improve obsolete components. Give us a call, we can discuss your challenges!


Unique Cutting, Inc.

Our mission is to understand and exceed the customer's expectations. We will strive to find a cost effective solution to the most complex problems.